Wednesday, August 23, 2017

In the West Bank, IDF troops arrest 12 Palestinians during late-night raids near Hebron, Salfit, Bethlehem, and Ramallah. In East Jerusalem, Israeli forces arrest a Palestinian at a light rail stop, allegedly for carrying a knife. They also arrest 2 more Palestinians during late-night raids in Silwan. Approximately 130 Israeli settlers tour Haram al-Sharif in the morning. Off Gaza’s coast, Israeli naval forces target Palestinian fishing boats near Bayt Lahiya for a 3d day in a row, firing on them on 2 separate occasions (they cause no damage or injuries). (MNA, WAFA 8/23; PCHR 8/24; PCHR 9/1)

Israel’s ambassador to Egypt David Govrin leads a delegation to Cairo for a day of talks before returning to Israel. It is Govrin’s first visit to Egypt since the Israeli embassy in Cairo was evacuated in 12/2016. (YA 8/25)