Thursday, February 16, 2017

In the West Bank, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) troops arrest 1 Palestinian during a latenight raid in Qalqilya and patrol during the day nr. Nablus and Hebron. (WAFA 2/17; PCHR 2/23)

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu meets with U.S. vice-pres. Mike Pence in Washington. They discuss a mechanism to put limits on Israeli settlement growth, possibly in response to U.S. pres. Donald Trump’s comment on 2/15, when he told Netanyahu, “I’d like to see you hold back on settlements for a little bit. We’ll work something out.” (TOI 2/16)

In response to Trump’s ambiguous comments on the subject on 2/15, U.S. amb. to the UN Nikki Haley says that the Trump admin. still supports a 2-state solution, “but we are thinking outside the box as well”. (HA, REU, TOI 2/16; HA 2/17)