Tuesday, July 18, 2017

IDF troops shoot and kill a Palestinian driver n. of Hebron after he allegedly rams a group of Israeli soldiers, injuring 2, according to the IDF. The IDF later raids the driver’s home nearby and interrogates his brother. Elsewhere in the West Bank, Israeli forces deliver stop-work orders to 2 Palestinian families building homes in al-‘Arub r.c. nr. Hebron. IDF troops conduct raids in Bayt Umar village nr. Hebron, sparking minor clashes; there are no serious injuries. They also arrest 8 Palestinians during raids in and around Qalqilya, Bethlehem, Hebron, Ramallah, and Nablus; and patrol nr. Qalqilya and Hebron. (HA, JP, MNA, PNN, TOI, WAFA, YA 7/18; PCHR 7/20)

Amid heightened tensions at Haram al-Sharif, Israeli forces violently disperse Muslim worshippers gathered outside the sanctuary to protest the new Israeli security measures; at least 2 Israeli police officers and 14 Palestinians are injured (1 seriously). The Israeli police remove 1 Jewish settler from the sanctuary after he starts to pray. Elsewhere in East Jerusalem, Israeli forces arrest 6 Palestinians, including 1 Islamic Waqf employee, during raids in Silwan and other areas of the city. (HA, MNA, TOI, WAFA 7/19; PCHR 7/20)

The Saudi press reports that King Salman has sent a message to the Israeli govt. via the U.S. calling for Israel to reopen Haram al-Sharif to Muslim worshippers without the new security measures. Israeli PM Netanyahu reportedly sent a message back to Salman saying that the status quo would remain at the sanctuary, and inviting Saudis to inspect it for themselves. (HA, JP, TOI, WAFA, YA 7/28)