Tuesday, June 20, 2017

IDF troops shoot and kill a Palestinian at al-Jaba‘ checkpoint nr. Ramallah after he allegedly attempts to stab 1 of them. After the incident, the IDF raids the alleged attacker’s home in al-‘Izzariya and arrests his father. Elsewhere in the West Bank, Israeli forces begin leveling land nr. Nablus to expand settlement infrastructure in the area. IDF troops arrest 2 Palestinians during late-night raids nr. Hebron. In East Jerusalem, Israeli forces briefly detain an Islamic Waqf guard at Haram al-Sharif and summon 3 other guards for interrogation. (HA, MNA 6/20; EI, MNA 6/21; PCHR 6/22)

A day after the Israeli authorities began cutting the electricity supply to Gaza, a Hamas-affiliated source says that the Egyptian govt. has agreed to ship diesel fuel into the region via the Rafah border crossing to allow Gaza’s sole power plant to resume operations for a limited time. It’s unclear if the shipments are linked to a rumored agreement between Egypt and Hamas earlier this mo. (HA, TOI 6/20)

Israeli forces begin construction on Amichai, a new settlement to house residents of the illegal Amona outpost, which was demolished in early 2/2017 (see JPS 46 [3, 4]). Amichai is reportedly the 1st settlement built officially by the Israeli govt. in 25 years. (HA, MNA, TOI 6/20)