Monday, June 26, 2017

Unidentified assailants fire a rocket from Gaza into s. Israel; it lands in an open area, causing no damage or injuries. Late at night, the Israeli Air Force launches air strikes on 2 Hamas military sites nr. Gaza City and Rafah, causing damage to a number of Palestinian homes. Israeli artillery positioned along the border fence fire on agricultural lands nr. Gaza City as well, causing no serious damage or injuries. In the West Bank, IDF troops clash with stone-throwing Palestinians during late-night raids in Dahaysha r.c. nr. Bethlehem, Bayt Umar and Bayt Awa nr. Hebron; at least 8 Palestinians are injured. They also arrest 8 Palestinians and issue 1 arrest summons during late-night raids nr. Hebron and Ramallah; and patrol nr. Hebron and Nablus during the day. In East Jerusalem, Israeli forces arrest 2 Palestinians during raids in Abu Dis. (TOI 6/26; HA, JP, MNA, WAFA, YA 6/27; PCHR 7/6)

For a 3d day in a row, errant fire from Syria crosses into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. The IDF says it was only a few bullets, and that they caused no damage or injuries. (HA, YA 6/26)