Wednesday, January 16, 2019

In the West Bank, Israeli forces demolish a Palestinian home and a makeshift Palestinian residence in Fasayil village near Jericho. IDF troops arrest 1 Palestinian during a raid in Tulkarm refugee camp; and patrol near Jenin and Hebron. Along Gaza’s border, IDF troops open fire on Palestinian farmland near al-Maghazi refugee camp and Dayr al-Balah, causing no damage. Meanwhile, Israeli forces conduct a limited incursion into Gaza to level land near Bayt Hanun. (MNA, WAFA 1/16; MNA 1/17; PCHR 1/17; PCHR 1/24)

After Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu again called on Iran to withdraw its forces from Syria on 1/15, the head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, says that Iran has no intention of doing so. “The Islamic Republic of Iran will keep its military advisors, revolutionary forces and its weapons in Syria,” he says. “You should be afraid of the day that our precision-guided missiles roar and fall on your head.” (HA JP, REU, YA 1/16)