Thursday, May 2, 2019

In the West Bank, Israeli forces destroyed a water pipeline supplying the village of Bayt Dajan east of Nablus. Israeli forces also demolished an animal barn near Yatta in a confrontation with local Palestinians protesting the demolishing; several Palestinians were injured. Late at night, Israeli settlers with Israeli military escort stormed ‘Urif near Nablus. Several Palestinians were injured, and 1 Palestinian-owned vehicle was vandalized. Israeli forces imposed a curfew on Huwwara after a Palestinian allegedly attempted to stab an Israeli settler; Palestinian teens were also reported to have been throwing rocks at an Israeli settler vehicle. (WAFA, WAFA 5/2; MNA, MNA 5/3)

The PA returned the full amount of the deducted tax revenue Israel transferred to the PA. The PA have on several occasions reiterated that it would not accept any tax revenue transfer that is not the full amount. Israel has deducted the PA tax revenue because the PA pays stipends to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails and their families. (HA, MNA 5/3)

PA minister of Information Nabil Abu Rudayna reiterated that the PA leadership would not partake in any conference related to a peace plan that is not within the framework of international law and the Arab Peace Initiative. (WAFA 5/2)

The PA minister for Women’s Affairs Amal Hamad was refused entry to Jordan by Israeli authorities. She was traveling to Jordan to attend a Euro-Mediterranean conference for regional cooperation for zero tolerance for violence against women and girls. (MEMO, WAFA 5/2; MNA 5/3)

Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Palestine (PIJ) condemned the Israeli attack on Gaza on 5/1. A PIJ official warned that any further aggression would be responded to with hits on Israel’s “biggest cities.” (HA 5/2)

In an interview at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, U.S. president Donald Trump’s son in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner said in response to a question of why the U.S. administration had not taken a position on the 2-state solution, that, “[i]f you say ‘two-state’, it means one thing to Israelis and another to Palestinians, so we told ourselves—let’s try not to say it.” (AJ, HA 5/3)