Thursday, December 31, 2020

In the West Bank, Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian homes with stones, causing damage in Huwwara. Israeli settlers also threw stones at Palestinian vehicles on a road near Huwwara. Elsewhere, Israeli settlers threw stones at Palestinian vehicles traveling on a road near Burqa. Israeli settlers also uprooted some 300 olive trees in Haris. Israeli forces delivered eviction orders to 1 Palestinian family in al-Walaja. 16 Palestinians were arrested during raids in and around al-‘Arub refugee camp, Dheisheh refugee camp, Bethlehem, Kaubar, Beitunia, Qalqilya, Anabta, and Nur Shams; during the raids in Dheisheh refugee camp, 4 Palestinians were injured. In East Jerusalem, Israeli settlers attacked Palestinians and Israeli police as they were protesting the death of an Israeli settler who died in a car crash during a police pursuit after throwing stones at Palestinians; a video showed Israeli settlers blocking the road where a Palestinian car was traveling and then viciously attacking it with various objects; 20 Israeli settlers were arrested by Israeli police. In Gaza, Israeli forces opened fire on agricultural lands east of Abu Safiyya and Bayt Hanun; no injuries were reported.  (WAFA, WAFA, WAFA 12/31; HA, WAFA 1/1; PCHR 1/7)

Israel handed over the body of a Palestinian killed by Israeli forces on 2/22/20 to the family of the deceased. (WAFA 12/31)

The Israeli ministry for settlement affairs allocated $6.2 million for settler councils in the West Bank to help them buy drones and pay salaries in order to monitor Israeli-deemed illegal Palestinian construction in Area C. (HA 12/31)