Sunday, November 22, 2020

In the West Bank, Israeli settlers threw stones at 2 Palestinian farmers tending their land in Shushahla near Bethlehem. Israeli settlers also attacked Palestinians who were trying to force settlers to leave their land near Susiya. Israeli forces raided a high school east of Qalqilya. Israeli forces also delivered a stop-work order for a water well and seized a drill in al-Khadir. Elsewhere, Israeli forces raided 1 high school in Qalqilya; no arrests were made. 5 Palestinians were arrested during late-night raids in and around Hebron. In East Jerusalem, 4 Palestinians were arrested, including 3 during house raids in the Old City and Issawiyya; 1 was arrested at the Haram al-Sharif compound. (WAFA, WAFA, WAFA 11/22; PCHR 11/26)

A member of Gaza’s pandemic task force warned that Gaza was inching toward inability to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic as 79 of 100 ventilators in Gaza are in use. (REU 11/22)

Axios reported that Israeli officials said Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu traveled to the Saudi Arabian city Neom to meet with Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman and U.S. secretary of state Mike Pompeo for a secret meeting. Neither side confirmed the meeting, but a public flight radar showed a private plane flying from Tel Aviv to Neom. It was also reported that the director of the Mossad Yossi Cohen took part in the meeting. Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Netanyahu said at a memorial for David Ben-Gurion that U.S. president-elect Joe Biden should not rejoin the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. (AX, HA, REU 11/22; AJ, AP, AX, BBC, FT, GDN, HA, HA, REU 11/23; HA 11/25)