Tuesday, September 29, 2020

In the West Bank, Israeli forces demolished 2 residential structures and seized 1 Palestine TV broadcasting van near Tubas. Israeli forces also seized 1 Palestinian-owned vehicle near Tubas and demolished 1 shack in Beita. 7 Palestinians were arrested during raids in al-‘Arub refugee camp, Qalqilya, ‘Anata, Shu‘fat refugee camp, and Dayr Balut. In East Jerusalem, 4 Palestinians were arrested during a late-night raid in Issawiyya; clashes ensued during the raid, leading to tear-gas related injuries. Off the coast of Gaza, Israeli naval forces opened fire on Palestinian fishermen west of Bayt Lahiya within the allocated fishing zone; no injuries were reported. (WAFA, WAFA 9/29; PCHR 9/30; PCHR 10/1)

At a speech to the UN General Assembly, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that Hezbollah is storing missiles in a neighborhood in Beirut and that Iran is a few months away from enriching enough uranium for 2 nuclear bombs. The secretary-general of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah said that Netanyahu’s speech was made to incite the people of Lebanon against Hezbollah and that he was lying about his claims. (HA, REU 9/29)

The emir of Kuwait Shaykh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jabar al-Sabah died at the age of 91, leaving the throne to his 83-year-old brother Shaykh Nawaf al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah, who was appointed crown prince in 2006 when Emir Shaykh Sabah took office. (AJ, AJ, HA, HA, REU, WAFA 9/29; AJ 9/30)

The student body at Columbia University passed a referendum to recommend that the university divest from “stocks, funds and endowment from companies that profit from or engage in the State of Israel’s acts towards Palestinians.” (AJD 9/29; JP, MDW, TOI 9/30; WAFA 10/2)

The PA and India signed a memorandum of understanding for Indian contributions of $36.1 million for 1 hospital in Bayt Sahour and contributions for the national printing press and 2 schools. (WAFA 9/29)