Sunday, August 15, 2021

In the West Bank, Israeli settlers blocked a road near Sabastia and attacked several vehicles, causing damage. In East Jerusalem, 1 Palestinian started demolishing his own home in al-Tur. Off the coast of Gaza, Israeli naval forces opened fire on Palestinian fishermen within 3 nautical miles west of Jabalia refugee camp; no injuries were reported. In Israel, 1 Palestinian Israeli former MK candidate for the right-wing New Hope party Saher Ismail was shot and killed by unknown assailants in Ramah, marking the 74th killing of a Palestinian Israeli in Israel this year. Ismail was an advisor to Israeli education minister Yifat Shasha-Biton. (HA, WAFA, WAFA 8/15; MEMO 8/16; ALM 8/17; PCHR 8/19)

The PA health ministry said that Palestine had entered its 4th wave of the COVID-19 pandemic with a rise in new infections. The health ministry further said that 70% of the active cases were of the Delta variant, which is more transmissible than previous variants. The PA registered 225 new cases today, the highest since April. (WAFA 8/15)

The Israeli high court of justice denied a petition by Palestinian landowners to void the deal made on 7/1 between the Israeli government and the Israeli settlers who made the Evyatar settlement outpost. The court said that ownership of the land still had to be thoroughly examined, but that the Israeli government should investigate how the “illegal trespassing” by the Israeli settlers was possible when the settlers built the outpost in early May. (HA 8/15; AA, MEMO 8/16)

PA president Mahmoud Abbas met with Jordanian king Abdullah II in Amman. (JT 8/15; ALM 8/19)

Hamas military spokesperson Hazem Qassem told the Lebanese newspaper al-Akhbar that Hamas will respond to Israel’s refusal to allow Qatari cash and construction materials into Gaza within a few days if Israel does not change course. Hamas and other political and militant factions are expected to meet on 8/16 to discuss a response. Hamas agreed to Israeli and U.S. demands to allow the 2 countries to examine a list of people who will receive the Qatari cash payments on 8/6 and Hamas suspects that the 2 countries are deliberately delaying the process. (HA 8/6; HA 8/15)

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said his organization will begin receiving gas and diesel from Iran to alleviate the fuel shortages experienced by Lebanon amidst the country’s financial crisis. (HA 8/15)