Saturday, November 6, 2021

In the West Bank, Israeli forces prevented Palestinians from accessing a playground in Susiya because Israeli settlers were using the playground in their village. The Israeli settlers have been protesting the renovation of the playground, which reopened in September. Israeli settlers also attacked Palestinians in Burin, causing fractures to 1 and bruises to 2 others. Elsewhere, Israeli settlers raided Palestinians harvesting olives in Tuqu‘ before being repelled by local Palestinians. Israeli forces forced Palestinians harvesting olives to leave their lands in Qaryut. 3 Palestinians were arrested at flying checkpoints in Qatanna and Dayr Abu Da‘if. In Jerusalem, Israeli right-wing activists from the Lehava organization attacked Palestinians at a gas station, forcing them to barricade themselves. Israeli police removed the Israelis, but they returned 1 hour later to threaten the Palestinians at the gas station. Israeli police arrested 21 Israeli right-wing activists who partook in a protest against the Israeli forces’ decision to follow Israeli settlers who had attacked Palestinians, leading to the death of 1 Israeli settler when his car overturned on 12/21/2020. Off the coast of Gaza, Israeli naval forces opened fire at Palestinian fishermen some 2 nautical miles from the coast; no injuries were reported. (HA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA 11/6; TOI 11/7; TOI 11/8; PCHR 11/11)

Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett and foreign minister Yair Lapid both reiterated their opposition to the reopening of the U.S. consulate to Palestinians in Jerusalem during a joint press conference. Prime Minister Bennett said, “[there] is no place for an American consulate that serves the Palestinians in Jerusalem, Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel only.” Foreign Minister Lapid said, “if the Americans want to open a consulate in Ramallah, we have no problem with that . . . Sovereignty in Jerusalem belongs to one country alone, the State of Israel.” Lapid’s aides later clarified that Lapid did not mean a consulate in Ramallah but a liaison’s office. PA civil affairs minister Hussein al-Sheikh later said in a tweet on 11/7 that Bennett is trying to challenge the U.S. on its promise to reopen the consulate in Jerusalem. (HA 11/6; AP, CNN, HA, MEMO, WAFA, WAFA 11/7)