Saturday, April 9, 2022

In the West Bank, Israeli settlers assaulted 1 Palestinian shepherd near Kafr al-Labad, causing fractures and an injury to his eye. Israeli settlers also threw stones at a Palestinian family in Kafr ad-Dik. Israeli forces shot and killed 1 Palestinian and injured 13 others during a raid in Deir Ghazaleh. The Israeli forces were raiding the home of 1 Palestinian man killed on 4/7 after allegedly killing 3 Israelis and wounding 10 others in Tel Aviv, when they allegedly were fired at by Palestinians in the house. Islamic Jihad said that the man killed was a member of their organization. 1 Palestinian high school student who was passing by the area on her way home from school and was injured by Israeli live fire succumbed to her injuries on 4/18. Palestinians vandalized Joseph’s Tomb near Nablus, a site frequently visited by Israeli settlers, causing damage to the site. PA president Mahmoud Abbas condemned the vandalism and said the PA would repair damage to the outside of the structure. (AJ, AP, HA, MEE, REU, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA 4/9; HA, JP 4/10; ALM, BBC, F24, HA 4/11; HA 4/12; HA 4/13; MEE, PCHR 4/14; MEE 4/18 HA 4/19; UNOCHA 4/23)

The Israeli coordinator of government activities in the territories (COGAT) announced restrictions on the West Bank city of Jenin, including barring Palestinian citizens of Israel from entering the city, barring Jenin residents from visiting relatives in Israel, barring merchants from Jenin from entering Israel, and banning paving materials from entering checkpoints around the city. The COGAT restrictions were said to be in response to the attack in Tel Aviv on 4/7 where 3 Israelis were killed, allegedly by a man from the Jenin area. The Jenin chamber of commerce said that 70% of the city’s buying power comes from Palestinian citizens of Israel and that the Israeli collective punishment of the city will have a severe effect on local businesses. The PA governor of Jenin called the restrictions “political terror.” (HA 4/9; HA 4/10; HA, MEMO 4/12)

In Syria, Israeli forces conducted air strikes in Masyaf, causing damage. (AJ, HA 4/9)