Friday, July 29, 2022

In the West Bank, Israeli settlers shot and killed 1 Palestinian minor during a settler incursion into al-Mughayyir. Israeli soldiers were present at the killing, but eyewitnesses say the shots were fired by Israeli settlers. Israeli forces shot and injured 3 Palestinians at a checkpoint near Nablus, claiming that the Palestinians had opened fire at Israeli soldiers at the checkpoint. Israeli forces also violently dispersed Palestinian protesters in Kafr Qaddum, injuring 11 with baton rounds and others with tear gas. 5 Palestinians were arrested during late-night raids in Kafr Qalil, Tell, Hebron, and al-Maniya. (AA, AJ, AP, HA, HA, MEE, MEMO, REU, TOI, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA 7/29; NAT, WAFA 7/30; WAFA 7/31; PCHR 8/4; UNOCHA 8/5)

The Ramallah-based group Lawyers for Justice said that the PA had arrested at least 94 people for political reasons in the past 2 months. None of the people arrested were charged with any offenses and most were released within days. A representative for Lawyers for Justice said the latest arrest campaign is the biggest since 2012 and that detainees have reported maltreatment and torture. Most of the people arrested were affiliated with Hamas and Islamic Jihad. (AJ 7/29)

The UN Committee against Torture issued findings from its review of the State of Palestine, saying it was “seriously concerned about the causalities caused by the excessive use of force, particularly the use of lethal weapons by security forces and unidentified armed elements during demonstrations on the postponement of national elections in April 2021 and about Nizar Banat’s death in custody in June 2021.” It also urged the PA to investigate allegations of torture and ill treatment by security forces and intelligence officers in prison and jail facilities in the West Bank and Gaza. (OHCHR 7/29; MEE 8/2)

The Israeli defense ministry released transcripts from the trial related to the 1956 Israeli massacre of Palestinians in Kafr Qasem. In the transcript, a commander is recorded saying that his superior, Colonel Issachar Shadmi, had told him that it would be “desirable that there be some fatalities” in Kafr Qasem. The commander also said that he had been ordered to kill Palestinians violating the curfew, even if he believed that they had not been informed of the curfew. (HA, MEE 7/29; WAFA 7/30; HA 7/31; HA, MEMO 8/1)