Monday, September 19, 2022

In the West Bank, unidentified assailants opened fire at a military post and at a settler vehicle near Huwwara; no injuries were reported. Israeli forces demolished 3 structures in 'Arab al-Rashayida. 19 Palestinians were arrested during late-night raids in Hizma, Hebron, al-Arroub refugee camp, Yatta, Sa‘ir, Beit Umar, Talfit, and al-Shuyukh. In East Jerusalem, Israeli forces raided the home of director of al-Aqsa Mosque Shaykh Omar Kiswani in al-Tur, seizing a laptop and documents and detaining Kiswani for several hours at a police station before releasing him. 4 Palestinians were arrested during late-night raids. (HA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA 9/19; MEMO 9/20; PCHR 9/22; UNOCHA 9/30)

Palestinian schools in East Jerusalem observed a general strike in protest over Israeli attempts to censor Palestinian textbooks and introduce Israeli curriculum in the schools. According to the head of the parents committee union, between 90% and 95% of the some 280 Palestinian schools in East Jerusalem observed the strike. (WAFA 9/17; NA, WAFA 9/18; AJ, HA, MEMO, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA 9/19; MEMO, PCHR 9/20; CNN 9/30)

It was revealed that Israel had installed a remote-controlled gun at a checkpoint on Shuhada Street in Hebron, capable of shooting baton rounds, stun grenades, and tear gas. The gun, which looks like a surveillance camera, was developed by the company Smart Shooter and can target people using artificial intelligence. (HA 9/24; DT, TOI 9/26 MEMO, VICE 9/27)

2 Palestinians were convicted of terrorist offenses for throwing stones at an Israeli car in East Jerusalem in May 2021. 1 baby was injured by a stone during the incident. (HA 9/19)

Representatives from Fatah and Hamas arrived in Algiers for reconciliation talks mediated by Algeria. (MEMO 9/20)

PA president Mahmoud Abbas met with prime minister of Spain Pedro Sánchez, UN secretary-general António Guterres, and president of the World Jewish Congress Ronald Lauder at the sidelines of the UNGA in New York. (WAFA 9/20)

In Syria, Israeli forces made incursions from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights into areas controlled by Syria, shooting 1 person who was said to be part of a group that threw objects at the border fence. The man was flown to a hospital in Israel for treatment of his injuries. (HA, JP, MEE, TOI 9/19)

Israeli historians Benny Morris and Benjamin Z. Keder published an article “’Cast Thy Bread’: Israeli biological warfare during the 1948 War” in Middle Eastern Studies, saying that declassified materials in the Israeli archives have revealed that Israel used biological weapons against Palestinians and Arab armies during the Nakba. The codename used for the biological weapons campaign used by the Zionist leaders, including David Ben-Gurion was “Cast Thy Bread.” Zionist militias were given typhoid bacteria which they were to put in water wells. Morris and Keder did not specify the number of casualties caused by biological weapons used during the Nakba. (HA 10/6; MEMO 10/11; HA 10/14; NA, WAFA 10/15)