Thursday, December 28, 2023

In the West Bank, a Palestinian man succumbed to injuries sustained from Israeli forces in Nablus on 12/18. Israeli settlers began work on a settler road near Battir. Israeli forces raided 6 money exchange offices in Ramallah, Tulkarm, and Jenin, seizing millions of shekels, killing 1 person and wounding 20 others in Ramallah. Israeli forces also shot and killed a Palestinian man at a checkpoint west of Bethlehem. Elsewhere, Israeli forces demolished a junkyard near al-Zawiya. 25 Palestinians were arrested during late-night raids in and around Rujeib, Nablus, Jericho, Hebron, Tubas, Qalqilya, and Jenin. In East Jerusalem, Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian after he stabbed and injured 2 Israeli soldiers. Israeli forces later raided the man’s home, arresting 3 members of his family. In Gaza, Israeli forces bombed Beit Lahiya, Nuseirat refugee camp, Khan Yunis, Gaza City, Rafah, Beit Hanun, Dayr al-Balah, and Maghazi, killing 210 people, including 30 in a building in Beit Lahiya. 3 Israeli soldiers were killed in combat. In Lebanon, Israeli forces attacked Shebaa Farms, Rashaya al-Fakhar, and al-Khaim, saying 12 missiles were fired at Israel. In Syria, Israeli forces attacked sites near Damascus and Tel al-Sahn, reportedly killing 11 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps at an airport. In the Red Sea, the U.S. said it shot down a drone and a ballistic missile fired from Yemen. (AJ 12/27; AJ, AJ, AP, HA, HA, HA, REU, UNOCHA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA 12/28; AJ, AJ, AP, HA, NYT, WAFA 12/29)

More than 21,320 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces in Gaza, including at least 8,800 children and 6,300 women, and around 55,603 have been injured since 10/7. At least 7,000 people were missing in rubble, including 1,700 children. 308 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem since 10/7, including 79 children. More than 3,812 people have been injured. Israel reported that 1,200 Israelis and foreign nationals have been killed and 5,400 have been injured since 10/7. 165 Israeli soldiers have been killed and 898 injured in Gaza since the ground invasion began on 10/27. Over 1.93 million Palestinians, nearly 85% of the population of Gaza, have been displaced since 10/7. There has been a complete electricity blackout in Gaza since 10/12 due to the Israeli blockade. As of 12/23, at least 65,000 housing units had been destroyed and 290,000 had been damaged in Israeli airstrikes since 10/7, constituting over 60% of all housing units. 76 trucks carrying aid entered Gaza via the Rafah crossing. (AJ, UNOCHA, UNOCHA 12/28)

UNRWA said Gaza was suffering from “catastrophic hunger” with 40% of the population at risk of famine. UN humanitarian aid chief Martin Griffiths said the UN was facing a number of obstacles in delivering aid to Gaza, including a growing list of Israeli-rejected items, 3 layers of inspection, having to use a crossing that is made for pedestrians, constant bombardments, attacks on convoys, and aid workers being displaced and killed. UN high commissioner for human rights Volker Turk called Israel’s usage of military tactics and weapons in the West Bank “extremely troubling” and called on Israel to take steps to end settler violence. Turk’s office released a report that said Israel engaged in sexual violence against Palestinians who have been arrested since 10/7. (AJ, AJ, AJ, HA, HA, UNOCHA, WAFA, WAFA 12/28; AJ, HA 12/29; NYT 1/1)

The Palestine Monetary Authority said Israeli forces raided 6 money exchange companies, seizing large sums of money and arresting staff (see above). It was reported that $2.5 million was stolen from the companies. The authority said Israel sought to undermine confidence in the Palestinian banking sector. Israel said it had declared the exchange companies terrorist organizations before stealing the sums. (AJ, AJ, HA, WAFA 12/28)

Egypt said neither Hamas nor Israel had responded to its ceasefire proposal. (HA 12/28)

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled a meeting of the war cabinet that was reportedly set to discuss Israel’s plans for Gaza after the war. The meeting was canceled after opposition to the discussions by members of Netanyahu’s governing coalition. (HA 12/28; AJ 12/29)

Israel claimed that it had used the wrong type of munition, leading to the killing of at least 90 people in Maghazi on 12/24. Israel also said it would not take action against soldiers who killed 3 Israeli captives who had escaped captivity on 12/15, despite saying the incident could have been prevented. (AJ, AJ, NYT 12/28; AJ, HA 12/29)

The Arab League’s legislative body held a special session titled “Supporting Palestine.” (AJ 12/28)

India contributed $2.5 million to UNRWA, bringing its contribution for 2023 to $5 million. (AJ, WAFA 12/28)