Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Khader Adnan, a popular member of Islamic Jihad, died in his cell in the Magen-Nitzan prison in Ramle after an 86-day hunger strike in protest over his administrative detention. Adnan was the first Palestinian prisoner to die while on hunger strike since 1992 and several organizations had for weeks warned about his condition. In response to the death of the 45-year-old Adnan, Hamas and Islamic Jihad fired rockets at Israel, injuring 3 Chinese nationals working at a construction site in Sderot. Israeli forces conducted airstrikes and fired artillery shells at Gaza, killing 1 Palestinian man, injuring 5 in Beit Hanun, and causing damage in Gaza City, Khan Yunis, and Jabalia refugee camp. A ceasefire, brokered by the UN, Egypt, and Qatar took effect on 5/3 at 4 a.m. In the West Bank, PA forces violently dispersed a march in support of Adnan in Jenin using tear gas and stun grenades, arresting 3, including activist Ghassan al-Saadi. 1 Israeli settler was injured when unidentified assailants opened fire at vehicles near the Avnei Hefetz settlement north of Shufa. Israeli settlers threw stones at a Palestinian home in Kisan. Israeli forces violently dispersed Palestinians protesting the death of Adnan in Beit Umar, al-Khader, Ramallah, Hebron, al-Ram, Nabi Salih, Kafr al-Labad, and Qalqilya, leading to tear-gas related injuries. A general strike in protest over the death of Adnan was observed in Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem. 13 Palestinians were arrested during late-night raids in Jalazun refugee camp, Fawwar refugee camp, Beit Umar, and Beit Tamer, including former cabinet minister Khaled Abu Arafeh. (AJ, AJ, AJ, AJ, AJ, AJ, ALM, AX, HA, HA, HA, MDW, MEE, MEE, MEE, MEE, NYT, PCHR, REU, REU, REU, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA 5/2; AIAJ, AJ, AP, AP, HA, HA, HA, MDW, MEE, NYT, REU, REU, WAFA, WAFA 5/3; HA, MDW, PCHR 5/4; MEE, UNOCHA 5/5; MDW 5/6; UNOCHA 5/19)

Islamic Jihad spokesperson Daoud Shihab said that Israel had ignored attempts by Islamic Jihad, through Egyptian mediators, to secure Khader Adnan’s release. PA prime minister Mohammad Shtayyeh called Adnan’s death a “premeditated assassination” and the PA called for an international investigation. The International Committee of the Red Cross called on Israel to immediately release the body of Adnan to his family. (AJ, AJ, HA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA 5/2; HA 5/7)

A Jerusalem court convicted a former border police officer of assaulting a Palestinian woman in East Jerusalem in November 2021 while she was still working for the Israeli military. (TOI 5/2; HA 5/3)

Amnesty International released the report “Automated Apartheid,” saying that Israel is using a new advanced facial recognition technology called Red Wolf to collect biometric data on Palestinians in the West Bank. The facial recognition cameras are installed at checkpoints in Hebron and are linked to the Blue Wolf and Wolf Pack database systems. Amnesty called on the international community to prohibit companies from providing surveillance technology to Israel. (AI, HA, MEE, WAFA 5/2; AJ 5/7)

EU high representative for foreign affairs Josep Borrell met with Israeli foreign minister Eli Cohen in Brussels more than a month after Cohen signaled that Borrell would not be allowed to visit Israel and the West Bank due to his criticism of the Israeli occupation. The 2 parties agreed to hold an Israel-EU association meeting by the end of 2023. Cohen said the meeting could take place in Jerusalem. (HA 5/1; ALM 5/2)