Saturday, March 23, 2024

In the West Bank, a Palestinian man succumbs to injuries sustained from Israeli forces during a raid in Beita on 8/21/2023. Israeli forces raid Deir Ibzi, taking measurements for a punitive demolition of the family home of a Palestinian killed on 3/22. Israeli forces also arrest 15 Palestinians during raids in and around Hebron, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Tubas, and Nablus. In Gaza, Israeli forces bomb Khan Yunis, Dayr al-Balah, Rafah, Beit Hanun, Jabalia refugee camp, and Nuseirat refugee camp, killing at least 72 people, including at least 19 people waiting for aid at the Kuwait Roundabout in Gaza City. Israeli forces also raid and besiege al-Shifa Hospital for the sixth day in a row; 5 patients are pronounced dead as Israeli forces prevent them from receiving care. An Israeli soldier is killed in combat. In Lebanon, Israeli forces bomb Naqoura Ayta ash Shab, and Khaim. Hezbollah forces attack Israeli positions in Kfarchouba. (AJ, AJ, HA, REU, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA 3/23; AP, HA, HA 3/24; UNOCHA 3/25)

More than 32,142 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces in Gaza, including at least 13,400 children and 8,900 women, and around 74,412 have been injured since 10/7/2023. At least 7,000 people are missing in rubble, including 1,700 children. 440 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem since 10/7/2023, including 111 children. More than 4,665 people have been injured. Israel reports that 1,139 Israelis and foreign nationals have been killed and 5,400 have been injured in Israel since 10/7/2023, including Israeli soldiers. In addition, 251 Israeli soldiers have been killed and 1,489 injured in Gaza since the ground invasion began on 10/27/2023. Over 1.93 million Palestinians, nearly 85% of the population of Gaza, have been displaced since 10/7/2023. There has been a complete electricity blackout in Gaza since 10/12/2023 due to the Israeli blockade. At least 70,000 housing units have been destroyed and 290,000 have been damaged in Israeli airstrikes since 10/7/2023, constituting over 60% of all housing units. 58 trucks carrying aid enter Gaza. UNRWA commissioner-general Philippe Lazzarini says Israel has denied all UNRWA requests to deliver aid to northern Gaza this week. The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor says Israel has killed at least 560 Palestinians and injured 1,523 in attacks on people waiting for aid. North Sinai governor Mohamed Shusha says around 7,000 trucks carrying aid are waiting for approval to enter Gaza. (AJ, WAFA 3/23; UNOCHA 3/25)

Hamas political bureau member Bassem Naim says Israel has withdrawn its agreement on points previously agreed to in ceasefire negotiations and that it seems that Israel is using the negotiations as cover to continue its attacks. Hamas says an Israeli captive has died due to a lack of food and medicine. (AJ, HA, REU, REU 3/23; REU 3/24)

At the UN Security Council, a vote on a new ceasefire resolution is postponed until 3/25. Israeli ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan says Palestinians need the same “educational transformation that the German people underwent after the Third Reich.” Erdan also says “the road to a permanent ceasefire passes through” Rafah. UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres visits the Rafah crossing, calling for a ceasefire and for Israel to give “total, unfettered” access for humanitarian aid to enter Gaza. (AJ, AJ, AP, AP, HA, NYT, REU, WAFA, WAFA 3/23)

U.S. president Joe Biden signs into law a spending bill that includes a provision to ban U.S. funding of UNRWA until March 2025 and provides Israel with $3.3 billion in funding. (AJ, Congress, HA, HA 3/23)