Wednesday, January 15, 1992

Palestinian delegation presents PLO-approved autonomy plan to Israeli team in Washington. (NYT 1/17)

Hundreds of settlers converge on seven sites, attempt to establish settlements. Settlers also block roads and demonstrate outside homes of PM Shamir, DM Arens, threatening to take matters into their own hands if IDF cannot protect them from attacks by Palestinians. IDF forces most of them to leave. Balata refugee camp, nine villages n. of Ramallah curfewed. (Qol Yisra'el 1/15 in FBIS 1/15, 1/16; Voice of Palestine 1/15 in FBIS 1/17; MM 1/15)

Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek states road scheduled to be built on top of archeological site will be completed as planned [see 1/14]. (MM 1/16)

Kuwaiti press reports statements by planning minister that Kuwait will ensure that Kuwaitis comprise 60% of future population, as compared with 30% before Gulf war, even if this slows economic recovery. Kuwait will also lend $15 million to Syria to assist former Syrian residents of Kuwait establish businesses in Syria. (MM 1/15)