Thursday, September 12, 1991

As signs of breakthrough in prisoner-hostage negotiations, Hawatma wing of the DFLP turns over body of Samir Asad, an Israeli Druze soldier captured in Lebanon and allegedly killed in an Israeli air raid on Palestinian positions, to Red Cross in Vienna, whereupon it was flown to Israel. Also on the plane was DFLP official 'Ali 'Abdullah Muhammad Abu Hilal, deported from o.t. in 1986 and whose return was part of the DFLP-Israeli exchange. (NYT 9/13; Qol Yisra'el 9/13 in FBIS 9/13)

Pres. Bush threatens to veto proposed legislation which includes loan guarantees to Israel if Congress passes the legislation over his pleas to postpone the vote. (NYT 9/13)

Poll of Palestinians in o.t. conducted by al-Bayadir al-Siyasi Press Foundation during first week of September indicates 48.6% want PNC to approve participation in proposed peace conference; 46.7% opposed participation and 4.7% had no opinion. (al-Sha'b [Jerusalem] 9/12 in FBIS 9/18)

During "national congress" in Amman of DFLP members supporting dissident leadership of Yasir 'Abd Rabbuh, 'Abd Rabbuh announces failure of mediation efforts between his faction and that loyal to long-time DFLP leader Nayif Hawatma, including efforts made by Chmn. Arafat and PFLP Gen. Secy. George Habash. 'Abd Rabbuh notes that his group will retain the name DFLP but will abandon Marxism-Leninism and concept of "democratic centralism," and indicates his group's willingness to accept proposed peace conference. Hawatma wing, which has criticized recent peace initiatives, denounces 'Abd Rabbuh faction as "deviationist" (al-Ra'i 9/13 in FBIS 9/17)

Israeli court in Ramla convicts peace activist Abie Nathan of meeting with PLO officials, upon Nathan's admission that he held two meetings with Chmn. Arafat. (Qol Yisra'el 9/12 in FBIS 9/18)

U.S. State Department declares 9/11 Middle East Watch report on human rights abuses in Kuwait was "too harsh." (MEM 9/12)