Tuesday, October 29, 1991

Soviet pres. Gorbachev holds talks with PM Shamir in Madrid, the first summit meeting ever held by leaders of Israel, USSR. (WP 10/30)

Israel concedes to U.S. decision to allow 45 minutes to both Palestinian, Jordanian sections of Palestinian-Jordanian delegation for opening remarks at peace conference. (MEM 10/29)

PFLP claims responsibility for 10/28 attack on bus carrying Israeli settlers. (AFP 10/29 in FBIS 10/29)

Some 1,000 supporters of Fateh stage propeace conference demonstration in Gaza city, shaking hands with Israeli soldiers and handing them olive branches. Another pro-peace conference march held in Jenin. (MEM 10/29)

Roadside bomb kills three Israeli soldiers, injures a fourth near 'Aramta, S. Lebanon; Islamic Resistance coalition (led by Hizbullah) claims responsibility. In a separate incident, guerrillas attempting to infiltrate into Israel near town of Biranit ambush Israeli patrol, wounding five; two are killed. Islamic Jihad Movement of Palestine [Fathi Shaqaqi] claims responsibility. Israeli helicopters attack area near Rashidiyya refugee camp, Hizbullah office in Nabatiyya. (Qol Yisra'el 10/29 in FBIS 10/30; MEM 10/29; WP, MEM 10/30; NYT 11/2)

Some 5,000 Islamists, leftists, Nasirists demonstrate against peace conference at Cairo University in wake of police crackdown on anti-conference activists. (MEM 10/30)