Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Israeli Air Force conducts an air strike on a group of Palestinians allegedly launching incendiary balloons into southern Israel near Jabaliya refugee camp; 3 Palestinians are lightly injured. Late at night, IDF troops violently disperse Palestinians gathering near Gaza City and Jabaliya refugee camp to set tires on fire, throw stones, and otherwise continue the Great March of Return; 11 Palestinians are injured. Also along Gaza’s border, Israeli forces conduct a limited incursion to level land near Rafah. (MNA, MNA 3/28; MNA 3/29)

The Egyptian delegation that arrived in Gaza yesterday to discuss the terms of a possible cease-fire departs for Israel to deliver Hamas’s proposed terms to the Israeli authorities. (MNA 3/28)

The UK announces a $2.6 million pledge to provide medical and surgical supplies to hospitals in Gaza. (MNA 3/29)