Tuesday, September 10, 2019

In the West Bank, Israeli forces arrested 17 Palestinians during late-night raids in and around Qalqilya, Ramallah, Tubas, Jenin, Hebron, and Nablus. In Gaza, an Israeli drone was intercepted by Hamas. Later, rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel, close to where Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was addressing a crowd; he was subsequently evacuated. Israel then struck 15 different targets in Gaza, causing damage but no injuries were reported. Israel forces also opened fire near the Gaza fence; no injuries were reported. (HA, HA, WAFA, WAFA 9/10; HA, HA, WAFA 9/11; PCHR 9/12)

Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that, if reelected, he would annex the Jordan Valley from the northern part of the West Bank to the southern part, effectively surrounding the West Bank by Israel and creating small enclaves of Palestinian cities and villages in the area annexed, including Jericho. Netanyahu’s announcement drew condemnation from many countries and organizations. The U.S. responded that, “[t]here is no change in United States policy at this time.” PA president Mahmoud Abbas warned that if Israel annexed parts of the West Bank, the PA would end all agreements with Israel. (HA, HA 9/10; AJ, WAFA 9/11)