Tuesday, June 4, 1991

U.S. Def. Secy. Cheney announces proposed sale of 20 "Apache" helicopter gunships to Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, the second major arms transfer announced since Pres. Bush's 5/29 proposal to limit arms supplies to region [see 5/30]. Cheney again denies any contradiction ipolicy. (NYT 6/5)

Israeli For. Min. Levy announces France has pledged $500 million in loan guarantees to build housing for immigrants to Israel. (MEM 6/5)

Israeli planes attack suspended Palestinian and Lebanese commando bases near Sidon, S. Lebanon, for second day. Two-day raids destroyed several ammunition, vehicle depots; 22 reported killed, 82 wounded in raids on bases of Fateh, PFLP, DFLP, Fateh-Revolutionary Council, Lebanese Popular Liberation Army. Raids are largest since the 1982 Lebanon war. (LAT 6/5; NYT, WP 6/6)

Prime Min. Shamir tells parliamentarians from Agudat Yisra'el party he opposes notion of "Jordan is Palestine," sees no value in replacing King Hussein with Arafat. (Radio Israel in FBIS 6/3)