Tuesday, March 12, 1991

In Jerusalem, Sec. Baker holds separate meetings with P.M. Shamir and group of 10 Palestinian leaders, led by Faisal Husseini, who hands him memo. Baker reportedly probes each side for points on which each might be flexible; reiterates "land for peace" formula to a noncommittal Shamir (cf. 3/13) [NYT, LAT, WP, WT 3/13; IDF, JDS 3/12, JPD, DAV 3/13 in FBIS 3/13; CSM 3/14; FJ 3/18; MET 3/26].

Kuwait military continues to transport hundreds of Palestinians, Jordanians, N.Africans, and Iraqis-arrested since liberation of Kuwait-to border with Iraq; several people claim to have been tortured and beaten by Kuwait military [LAT, WP 3/13].

Kurdish insurgents in northern Iraq claim further territorial gains and accuse Baghdad of taking 5,000 Kurdish women and children as hostages [LAT, WP, CSM 3/13].

Syria announces it has freed all Palestinians held in its jails. Beirut radio says 302 prisoners were released; PLO reports more than 4,000 Palestinians in Syrian jails (cf. 3/13) [LAT, WP 3/13; BVL 3/12 in FBIS 3/18; MET 3/26].

North Korea has delivered to Syria about 24 SCUD missiles along with mobile launchers, according to U.S. officials [WT 3/13].

World Health Organization reports Baghdad's water supplies are at 5% of prewar levels; Iraqi Red Crescent says cholera and typhoid cases are beginning to appear [LAT 3/13].

King Hussein says that Jordan will never agree to be a substitute for PLO in peace talks with Israel, but if Palestinian leadership asked Jordan to join talks, it would do so [NYT 3/13].

Kuwaiti gov't. officials say joint U.S.-British air base will be built on Kuwait's Bubiyan Island as part of postwar security arrangements [WT 3/13].