Sunday, March 31, 1991

Israeli gov't. imposes new restriction on Palestinians, forbidding workers to drive their own cars into Israel; gov't. also pledges to accelerate deportations of activists and affirms policy of house demolitions (cf. 4/1, 4/2) [LAT, WP, WT 4/1; JDS 3/31 in FBIS 4/1, 4/2; CSM 4/2; FJ 4/8].

Israel lifts curfew in Gaza Strip and some West Bank locations; Palestinians are still barred from entering Jerusalem [JDS 3/31 in FBIS 4/1; MET 4/9].

Iraqi troops retake city of Kirkuk from Kurdish rebels after 4 days of fighting; soldiers also take Irbil, 50 miles north of Kirkuk; thousands of refugees flee to Turkish and Iranian borders [LAT, WT, NYT 4/1].

In Easter message, Pope John Paul II condemns destruction in Gulf war, calls on world leaders to deal with plight of "oppressed peoples, such as the Palestinians, the Lebanese, the Kurds" [NYT, LAT, WT 4/1].

U.S. Anny announces plan to begin within 2 weeks to withdraw about 20,000 troops from southern Iraq, about 1/4 of its combat forces there [NYT 4/1].

Senior Iranian official accuses U.S. of misleading Iraqi people by encouraging them to overthrow Saddam Hussein, then giving Iraq "green light" to suppress rebellion [NYT 4/1].

Pres. Asad arrives in Cairo to discuss with Pres. Mubarak regional security arrangements in light of Gulf war [NYT 4/1; MENA 3/30, 4/1 in FBIS 4/1; CSM 4/1; MET 4/9].