Sunday, April 21, 1991

After meetings with Pres. Mubarak in Cairo, Sec. Baker arrives in Jeddah; says he is trying to organize 2-phase peace conference, with Israel and its bordering Arab states negotiating their differences in main talks. In 2d phase, Israel and other Arab nations would discuss regional issues [NYT, MEM 4/22; MENA, RIDS 4/21 in FBIS 4/22].

Saudi Arabia confirms that it will not take part in any Middle East peace conference with Israel, and there are growing signs that Arab gov'ts. want to limit negotiations with Israel to only Palestinian problem [WP, LAT 4/22].

PLO Central Council - the link between PLO Exec. Committee and PNC - opens meetings in Tunis to assess repercussions of Gulf war of PLO's relations with Arab and European states (cf. 4/23) [MEM 4/23; TDS 4/22 in FBIS 4/22; AVP 4/22, TDS 4/23 in FBIS 4/23]

Construction of new settlement, Talmon Bet, outside Ramallah, is completed allowing settlers to begin to move in (cf. 4/23) [HAA 4/23 in FBIS 4/23].

U.S. ambassador to UN Thomas Pickering tells Jewish group in New York that Kuwait has agreed to stop participating in Arab League boycott of U.S. firms that do business with Israel, at least during reconstruction of the emirate [MEM 4/23; CSM 4/24].

Israeli soldiers shoot dead 2 Palestinian fighters who had cut through Lebanon border fence; in Damascus, Fateh Uprising group claims responsibility [MEM 4/22; NYT 4/23; JDS 4/22 in FBIS 4/22].