Tuesday, May 14, 1991

After talks with Sec. Baker, King Hussein avoids making public commitment on whether Jordan would attend proposed peace conference if Syria does attend [MEM 5/14; WP, NYT, LAT 5/15]. Baker crosses from Jordan to o.t., and holds meeting with 3 Palestinians, including Faisal Husseini [AVP, RMC 5/15 in FBIS 5/16].

Congress pressures Pres. Bush to seek international curbs on arns sales by introducing bipartisan joint legislation proposing to ban all arms sales to Middle East if Bush admin. fails to make "good faith" effort to get international accord on arms sales [WP 5/15].

UN Sec. Council and other UN representatives say they are studying formulas under which Iraq could begin paying for damages assessed to it during Gulf war; focus is on using 25% to 30% of Iraq's oil revenues for payment [WP, NYT 5/15].

F.M. Bessmertnykh meets in Damascus with Syrian leaders, then flies to Geneva for talks with Yasir Arafat [WP 5/15; AVP 5/15 in FBIS 5/16].