Friday, November 16, 1990

In Brussels for international economic meetings, Sec. of State Baker rejects Soviet envoy Yevgeny Primakov's suggestion that solution to Gulf crisis be linked to Palestine question [LAT 11/17].

Soviet envoy Alexander Belonogov meets in Cairo with Pres. Mubarak to discuss Gulf crisis; Belonogov then leaves for Saudi Arabia [MENA 11/16, CDS 11/17 in FBIS 11/20].

Ultra-Orthodox Agudat Israel party joins P.M. Shamir's ruling coalition; belated agreement increases Likud majority from 62 Knesset seats out of 120, to 66 seats [JDS 11/16 in FBIS 11/16; NYT, LAT 11/17; CSM, MEM 11/19; JPI 11/24; MET 11/27].

Arab and nonaligned nations introduce Sec. Council resolution calling for UN observer force in occupied territories (o.t.) and for conference of 164 signators of Fourth Geneva Convention [LAT 11/17; MEM 11/19].

Iran and Iraq announce agreement on series of steps to end major disputes lingering from 8-year war; Iranian F.M. Velayati says he detects willingness by Iraq to end crisis by withdrawing from Kuwait [NYT 11/17].

700 members of U.S. Council of Jewish Federations pass without dissent resolution backing Bush admin. policy in Gulf, but say they will fight U.S. plans to sell weapons to Saudia Arabia [NYT 11/17].

IDF bars Gaza Strip and West Bank residents from Jerusalem as preventive measure against anticipated protests following prayers on Haram al-Sharif [FJ 11/19].

Israeli Immigration Minister Yitzhak Peretz ignites political row by calling for curbs on Soviet immigration, saying 4 of 10 newcomers are not Jewish [MEM 11/1].