Thursday, November 22, 1990

Beset by challenges from within Conservative party, British P.M. Margaret Thatcher announces her resignation [NYT, LAT, WP 11/23; CSM 11/26].

Pres. Bush visits U.S. forces in Saudi Arabia, says they may have to face "some pain now to avoid even worse pain later," then flies to Cairo [NYT, LAT, WP 11/23; MET 12/4].

D.M. Tom King says Britain will send 14,000 more troops and additional tanks, aircraft, and ships to the Gulf by the end of the year, bringing total number of British troops there to more than 30,000 [NYT, LAT, MEM 11/23].

Visiting Sanaa, Yemen, Sec. Baker is rebuffed in efforts to persuade Yemen, only Arab country on UN Sec. Council, to support resolution authorizing use of force against Iraq. Pres. Saleh criticizes buildup of foreign forces in Gulf [SDS 11/22 in FBIS 11/23; SDS 11/23 in FBIS 11/26; NYT, LAT, WP, MEM 11/23]; Baker then flies to Jeddah [SPA 11/22 in FBIS 11/23].

PLO leader Yasir Arafat arrives in Baghdad, says he strongly supports Saddam Hussein's assertions that Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait must be tied to overall settlement of conflicts in region; adds there is no alternative to negotiations between Iraq and U.S. [BVP 11/22 in FBIS 11/27; NYT 11/26].

D.M. Moshe Arens instructs IDF to expand enlistment of Bedouins into its ranks [MAA 11/23 in FBIS 11/23].

Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek and E. Jerusalem Arabs praise Jerusalem district planning committee's decision to build 7,500 new apartments for Palestinians northwards from French Hill junction towards Ramallah [JPD 11/23 in FBIS 11/23; MEM 11/23; JPI 12/1].

Kuwaiti gov't.-in-exile extends $550 million medium-term loan to the Soviet Union on favorable terms; "observers" point to "political aspect" of loan [MEM 11/23]. 

Soviet Union and Israel sign agreement on scientific cooperation and exchanges of scientific information [TASS 11/22 in FBIS 11/28].