Wednesday, November 28, 1990

Appearing before Senate Armed Services Committee, 2 former chrmn. of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. William Crowe and Gen. David Jones, urge Bush admin. to postpone military action against Iraq and to give sanctions a year or more to work [NYT, LAT, WT, WP 11/29; CSM 11/30].

Britain and Syria restore diplomatic relations, severed 4 years ago when Britain accused Syria of sponsoring terrorism. Communique from Damascus confirms resumption of ties, renounces terrorism, but adds "Syria does not consider resistance against Israeli occupation as terrorism" [MEM 11/28; NYT, WP 11/29].

UN Sec, Council passes res. 677 condemning Iraq's attempts to change Kuwait's demographic composition [MEM 11/29].

Israeli Cabinet votes to raise personal income taxes by 5% and to raise national sales tax from 16% to 18% in order to help pay for resettlement of Soviet Jewish immigrants. Measures take effect in 1991 pending Knesset approval (cf. 12/2) [MEM 11/28; NYT 11/29; MET 12/11].

Hard-line statement by King Fahd serves warning to Iraq that "no other solution will be accepted" than unconditional withdrawal from Kuwait [NYT 11/29].

Iraqi gov't. statement lashes out at U.S. for sponsoring UN resolution authorizing use of force, says it would ignore any deadline set by UN; in separate statement Saddam Hussein accuses UN of double standard in dealing with Middle East issues, particularly dealings with Israel [NYT, LAT 11/29].

Two IDF reservists who refuse to serve in o.t. are sentenced to 2 and 4 weeks in prison; since beginning of intifada 128 reservists have refused to serve in o.t. (cf. 12/1) [JDS 11/28 in FBIS 11/29].

Al-Fajr poll of 550 Nablus residents finds 34% believe war is inevitable and that 54% believe Iraq would triumph over coalition forces in the war [FJ 11/28].

Soviet F.M. Shevardnadze arrives in New York for UN Sec. Council meeting [TASS 11/28 in FBIS 11/29].