Friday, January 4, 1991

In move to encourage Iraq to remove its troops from Kuwait, EC endorses French plan promising Baghdad that EC will work to resolve all problems in Middle East if Gulf crisis could be settled peacefully; EC also invites F.M. Aziz to meet with 3 EC ministers on 10 January; Aziz declines [INA 1/5 in FBIS 1/7; NYT, LAT, WP 1/5].

Iraqi F.M. Aziz accepts invitation to meet Sec. Baker in Geneva on 1/9, despite "arrogant statements" he says accompanied U.S. offer; Aziz says he will press for "justice and fairness" for Palestinian cause; Pres. Bush says Iraq's acceptance of talks is "useful step," but insists no compromises will be made and that Sec. Baker will not go to Baghdad [INA 1/4 in FBIS 1/7; NYT, LAT, WP 1/5].

Bus driven by Palestinian collides with car, killing Israeli woman; bus driver is shot to death by Israeli near Gaza Strip. Palestinians and Israelis give entirely different versions of episode [IDF 1/4 in FBIS 1/4; NYT, LAT 1/5].

In nonbinding statement, UN Sec. Council formally rebukes Israel, deploring "recent acts of violence in Gaza" [MEM 1/4; NYT, WP 1/5]; Political circles in Israel criticize statement [JDS 1/4 in FBIS 1/4].

Seeking to avoid battle with Israel's supporters in Congress, Bush admin. postpones 2d part of large arms sale to Saudi Arabia, valued at $13 billion, until after Gulf crisis [NYT, LAT, WP 1/5].

Congressional General Accounting Office (GAO) says Operation Desert Shield will cost U.S. $30 billion this year even if no shots are fired [LAT 1/5].

Details of 12/31 conversation between Faisal Husseini and Mayor Teddy Kollek are published; status of Jerusalem is among topics discussed [MEM 1/4; LAT 1/5].

Washington Post reports that Palestinian fatalities in clashes with Israeli troops are rising sharply in o.t. as IDF steps up patrols and toughens its tactics [WP 1/5].

Secret agreement is reportedly reached in Islamabad between Iran and Turkey that neither will move against Iraq, effectively ruling out ground attack against Iraq from anywhere but Saudi Arabia [WP 1/16].