Thursday, January 10, 1991

Protests are planned on behalf of steadily growing anti-war movement in U.S. embracing every major religious denomination in country and 9 major unions [NYT, LAT 1/11].

Arab diplomats at UN say they believe Saddam Hussein plans initiative soon after 1/15 deadline expressing support "in principle" for leaving Kuwait while simultaneously calling for international conference to address Palestinian grievances against Israel [NYT, WP 1/11].

Sec. of State Baker meets with King Fahd; they reportedly discuss timing of allied attack on Iraq [NYT, LAT, WT, WP 1/11].

New York Times reports Saudi Arabia earned roughly $15 billion in windfall oil profits from August to December, and has pledged $30 billion in Gulf-related commitments, effectively mortgaging part of future oil profits [NYT 1/11]; Kuwait has disbursed nearly $7 billion to help finance coalition effort [WT 1/11].

Congress opens debate on whether to authorize war with Iraq; Democrats accuse Pres. Bush of rushing toward use of force [LAT, WP 1/11].

Pres. Bush telephones P.M. Shamir, asks again that Israel "remain low" during Gulf crisis [WP 1/11].

U.S. Justice Dep't. orders immigration authorities to begin fingerprinting and photographing anyone entering the U.S. with a Kuwaiti or Iraqi passport as part of an effort to combat potential terrorism [MEM, WP 1/1 1].

Pres. Mubarak tells CNN that "if Iraq launched an attack at Israel without any Israeli participation [in war], she would have the right to attack it [back]" [MEM 1/11].