Saturday, January 12, 1991

After 3 days of debate, both houses of Congress vote to give Pres. Bush authority to go to war against Iraq. Senate approves use of military force by 52-47 vote; House vote is 250-183 [NYT, LAT, WP 1/13; WT 1/14].

UN Sec.-Gen Perez de Cuellar arrives in Baghdad to discuss Gulf crisis, says he is not carrying "any specific proposals" [INA 1/12 in FBIS 1/14; NYT, LAT, WP 1/13].

Meeting with Sec. Baker in Damascus, Pres. Asad calls on Saddam Hussein to leave Kuwait immediately, so Arab world can close ranks and confront Israel. Asad also says if Iraq withdraws and is later attacked, Syria will fight alongside the Iraqis; statement is repeated by Syrian F.M. [DDS 1/12 in FBIS 1/14; NYT, WP 1/13; MEM 1/14]; Sec. Baker meets with Pres. Mubarak in Cairo [MENA 1/12 in FBIS 1/14].

Diplomats in Ankara say that despite giving no political signs of opening 2d anti-Iraq front, Turkish troop strength has steadily increased to at least 120,000 soldiers near the Turkish-Iraqi border [NYT 1/13].

Yasir Arafat arrives in Baghdad for talks with Iraqi officials, including Tariq Aziz [AFP 1/12 in FBIS 1/14].

Peace Now rally calling for peace between Israel and Palestinians is attended by "many thousands" including many MKs [JDS 1/12 in FBIS 1/14].

Anti-war protests occur in Washington and Bonn [WP 1/13].

State Dep't. orders expulsions of all but 4 Iraqi diplomats from embassy in Washington, saying action is taken to "reduce Iraq's ability to orchestrate terrorism" if war begins [WP 1/13].