Friday, January 25, 1991

U.S. accuses Iraq of releasing millions of gallons of Kuwaiti crude oil into Gulf; officials say it will have little military significance, but threatens ecology on scale larger than Exxon Valdez disaster. Pres. Bush says spill is "sick" act of desperation, orders Pentagon to find way to stop leak [WAKH 1/26 in FBIS 1/28; NYT, LAT 1/26].

Iraqi SCUD missile hits Riyadh, killing 1 person and wounding 6; 7 missiles are fired at Israel, all are reportedly intercepted by Patriot missiles, but falling debris kills 1 and injures 42 others [RIDS, JAA, IDF 1/25 in FBIS 1/28; NYT, LAT 1/26].

New York Times reports that Pan American World Airways has refused to carry Iraqi passengers since 1/16, for fear of terrorism like that which destroyed Pan Am flight over Lockerbie 2 years ago [NYT 1/26].

Iranian Pres. Rafsanjani restates neutrality in Gulf war; strongly rejects idea that Iran join with Iraq, saying that would be suicide and would mean Iran approved of Iraq remaining in Kuwait [NYT 1/26].

Soviet F.M. Alexander Bessmertnykh meets with members of PLO Executive Committee to explore ways to end Gulf war [LAT 1/26].

EC lifts all restrictions on Israel because of its restraint under Iraqi missile attack; restrictions were imposed in January 1990 to protest closure of Palestinian schools [MEM 1/25].