Thursday, January 31, 1991

Allied bombers attack 10-mile column of thousands of Iraqi troops and as many as 1,000 vehicles as they move in southern Kuwait; allied command says it is not apparent whether Iraqis are regrouping or massing for attack [WP, NYT 2/1].

Saudi and Qatari forces, backed by U.S. artillery retake Saudi border town of Khafji, capture 167 Iraqi soldiers [WP, NYT, LAT 2/1].

Envoys from France, Algeria, Yemen, and Iraq arrive in Iran on separate diplomatic missions designed to end Gulf war; Iran tells Iraq it will hold on to Iraqi airplanes until end of war [WP, NYT, LAT 2/1].

Israeli F.M. David Levy outlines possible 5-point post-war plan, linking Israel's discussion of Palestinian issue with simultaneous bilateral peace talks with Arab nations [WP 2/1].

Pres. Mubarak affirms that 45,000 Egyptian soldiers would not be used to attack Iraq [LAT 2/1].

Rocket and artillery clashes between Israel and PLO fighters in S. Lebanon continue; radio stations call it "mini-war"; Israel says PLO is trying to open 2d front in war [NYT, LAT 2/1].

Iraq fires SCUD missile at Israel; it disintegrates in flight, falling debris lands in West Bank [NYT, LAT 2/1].

State Dep't. official says that about 70 acts of terrorism have been committed against U.S. and allied interests outside U.S. since Gulf war began; most are small property damage [NYT, LAT 2/1].

Red Cross convoy carrying 19 tons of emergency medical supplies for Iraqi civilians crosses from Iran into Iraq; 1st such mission since war began [LAT 2/1].

War toll according to allies includes: 30,000 sorties flown; 23 allied planes lost, 18 in combat; 11 Americans killed in action; 161 Iraqi prisoners; 59 Iraqi planes destroyed. Iraq claims to have shot down 180 allied aircraft; captured 20 prisoners; and that 320 civilians and 90 soldiers have been killed [LAT 2/1].