Friday, February 8, 1991

Allied warplanes attack Iraqi positions in Kuwait and southern Iraq; military command reports about 600 tank kills; cloud cover restricts number of sorties flown [LAT, NYT, WP, WT 2/9].

Iraqi SCUD lands in Tel Aviv; it is the 11th attack since war began; some injuries are reported [LAT, WP 2/9].

France and Britain announce they will set up joint committee to lay groundwork for post-war settlement in Gulf [LAT 2/9].

Soviet deputy F.M. Belonogov criticizes what he says is deliberate destruction of Iraqi residential areas by allied air raids [LAT, WT 2/9; MEM 2/11].

Pres. Bush angrily denounces King Hus- sein's 2/6 speech, says Jordan has "moved over, way over, into the Saddam Hussein camp"; Jordanian diplomats say action will deepen widespread anti-American sentiment in Jordan [LAT, NYT, WP, WT 2/9].

Israeli Maj. Gen. Danny Rothman is appointed as head of military gov't. in o.t., replacing Shmuel Goren [LAT 2/9].

UNICEF and World Health Organization ask allies for safe passage through eastern Iraq for convoy carrying medicine from Iran to Iraq and occupied Kuwait [MEM 2/8; NYT, WP 2/9].

3 Jordanians are killed after crossing border into Israel and throwing handgrenade at Israeli bus carrying soldiers, wounding 4 [IDF 2/8 in FBIS 2/8; MEM 2/8; NYT, WP 2/91