Thursday, February 14, 1991

Iraq vows "severe revenge" for 2/13 bombing of what Baghdad calls residential shelter; places death toll at about 400; demonstrators throw red paint on abandoned U.S. embassy in Baghdad; "outrage" over bombing is reported in Jordan, other Arab nations that back Saddam [AVP, APS 2/14, DUS 2/15 in FBIS 2/15; MEM 2/14; LAT, NYT, WP, WT 2/15].

U.S. reports significant gains in destroying Iraqi tanks and combat vehicles, saying more than 1,300 tanks have been destroyed; carrier USS America moves into Gulf in preparation for possible Marine amphibious landing [LAT, NYT, WP, WT 2/15].

UN Sec. Council, holding formal session behind closed doors for 1st time in 15 years, begins major debate over scope of Gulf war [WP, LAT 2/15].

Marking 9th anniversary of Israeli annexation of Golan Heights, hundreds of Syrians come to Ain Tine and shout with bullhorns greetings and words of encouragement to friends and family in Majdal Shams, now controlled by Israel [NYT 2/15].

In 1st collective statement of Gulf war since hostilities began, leaders of more than 20 major Protestant and Orthodox Christian denominations, join with 15 Roman Catholic bishops, and many other denominations in reaffirming opposition to war and calling for cease-fire. Statement from 32 denominations is made public by National Council of Churches [MEM 2/14; NYT 2/15].

Soviet press is becoming increasingly critical of Gulf war, following Pres. Gorbachev's recent statements that war may be exceeding UN resolutions [NYT 2/15].

Cuba and Yemen circulate new peace plan at UN Sec. Council closed-door meeting calling for halt to allied bombing and UN commission to study possible solutions to crisis [NYT 2/15].

Curfew is lifted in Gaza; 14 Palestinians are wounded in clashes with IDF troops, who fire live ammunition and tear gas into crowds [HAD 2/15 in FBIS 2/15].