Thursday, August 16, 1990

Iraqi occupation authorities order 6,500 American and British citizens in Kuwait to assemble at 2 hotels in Kuwait City [NYT, WP 8/17].

Pentagon announces U.S. naval forces will begin "intercepting" commercial shipping to or from Iraq and Kuwait to enforce UN sanctions [WP 8/17].

King Hussein of Jordan meets with Pres. Bush in Kennebunkport, Maine to discuss Gulf crisis [MEM 8/16; ADS 8/17 in FBIS 8/17; NYT, WP 8/17].

"Troika" foreign ministers from Italy, Luxembourg, and Ireland arrive in Amman and meet with Crown Prince Hasan to discuss crisis [ADS 8/16 in FBIS 8/17].

2d contingent of Egyptian military forces leaves Cairo for Saudi Arabia [MENA 8/16 in FBIS 8/16].

Special UNLU "Leaflet No. 1-the U.S. Invasion of Arab Lands" is distributed; it expresses unequivocal support for Iraq and attacks Pres. Mubarak [YA 8/17 in FBIS 8/17].

Hundreds of Palestinians hold pro-Iraq demonstration in Nablus; police disperse crowd with tear gas and rubber bullets [MEM 8/16; JDS 8/16 in FBIS 8/17]; fearing political repercussions, PLO leadership is seen as trying to distance itself from Iraq, but has been unable to ignore growing grassroots support of Palestinians for Saddam Hussein [WP 8/17].

Contradicting earlier Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood statement, group's leader Muhammad Hamid Abunnasar issues communique denouncing Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and calling for return of Kuwait's "legitimate gov't." [MEM 8/17].