Friday, August 17, 1990

U.S. warships in Gulf halt but do not board 2 Iraqi cargo vessels in 1st test of naval blockade; allow vessels to sail on after ascertaining ships carried no cargo [NYT 8/18].

State Dep't reports Iraqi officials have moved 35 Americans from Baghdad hotel to another hotel where communications with U.S. diplomats have been cut off [NYT 8/18].

1,000 Iranian prisoners, held by Iraq since Iraq-Iran war, are released under supervision of Red Cross [INA 8/17 in FBIS 8/17].

Citizen's Rights Movement MK Yossi Sarid, who supports Palestinian state in O.T., writes in HaAretz: "If it is permissible to support Saddam Hussein, who murdered tens of thousands of 'opponents of the regime' . . . perhaps it is not so terrible to back the policies of Shamir, Sharon, and Rabin. In comparison with Saddam Hussein's crimes, the Israeli government's sins are as white as the driven snow" [MEM 8/17; WP 9/1].

Israeli Pres. Chaim Herzog, speaking on Israeli radio, charges that the world has overfocused on Arab-Israeli conflict, and lost sight of more dangerous issues in the Middle East; he blames media for ignoring "bloodshed in the Arab world" [MEM 8/17].

PLO's Salah Khalaf says in interview that PLO is not pro-Iraqi, but pro-Arab, and seeks an Arab solution to the problem [MEM 8/17].

Israeli troops shoot dead 2 guerrillas in Israel's self-declared "security zone" in S. Lebanon [MET 8/28].