Saturday, December 17, 1983

SOCIAL/POLITICAL: Occupied Palestine/Israel: Homes of 13 Palestinian families demolished in Ras al- Amoud near Jerusalem and Israeli court grants the land to Israeli construction company, Tomer. 32 refugee families from Beach Camp (Gaza), whose homes demolished by occupation forces, appeal to UNRWA & other humanitarian agencies for aid in 2nd winter without proper shelter. Israel declares Dheisheh refugee camp closed military zone, forcing Israeli Committee for Solidarity with BZU volunteers to stop helping pave road; 2 Israelis & TV crew detained. EL AL forbids flights over "Temple Mount" on advice of former Chief Rabbi Shlomo Goren that the holiness of the site extends to the air above it; "therefore, there is fear that religiously unclean people will defile that airspace by flying through it."

Arab World: 97 wounded Palestinian loyalist fighters evacuated by Italian hospital ship to Tunis and PDRY. Senior Egyptian official, Shafi Abdel Hamid, declines invitation to visit Israel.

Other Countries: US Asst. Sec. of Health signs 5-year agreement with Israel providing for exchange of information on social services and human development.