Sunday, December 18, 1983


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Coordinating Bureau of Economic Organizations and Histadrut agree workers to get 17.9% cost of living raise, effective 12/25/83.

Other Countries: Israel Radio claims Reagan made secret pact with Israel to increase military aid in 1986; US State Dep't. asserts no secret agreement signed "while Shamir was here." [In fact, Reagan signed secret National Security Decision Directive for closer strategic cooperation and commitment to Israel on 10/9/83.]


Arab World: US F-14s meet Syrian anti-aircraft fire over Beirut; US warships bombard Syrian-controlled hills. For fifth time in 9 days, Israeli gunboats shell Palestinians awaiting evacuation at Tripoli; Palestinian fighters return fire. 2 Israeli soldiers seriously wounded, 1 Lebanese killed in grenade attack on IDF patrol near Sidon; Israelis open fire on crowd gathering after incident.