Thursday, December 22, 1983


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli FM Yehud Ben-Meir resigns. During visit of Italy's FM Giulio Andreotti, PM Shamir voices alarm at potential damage to Israel's exports if Spain and Portugal admitted to EEC. Israel's High Court refuses recently-imprisoned conscientious objector's challenge to re-mobilization orders issued immediately on his release from prison. Muslim cemetery in Jaffa vandalized; tombstones spray-painted with threats to Arabs, signed "TNT."

Arab World: Arafat meets Pres. Mubarak in Cairo; DFLP criticizes move; Khaled Fahum terms it "flagrant violation of rule of PNC;" Saleh Khalaf calls it a personal move by Arafat.

Other Countries: US hails Mubarak-Arafat mtg. Venice prosecutor issues warrant for Arafat's arrest on charge he had knowledge PLO supplied weapons to Red Brigade.


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Hebron curfewed after grenade thrown at Usama Ibn Munqeth School, occupied by Jewish squatters.