Thursday, January 12, 1984


Occupied Palestine/lsrael: IDF Brigadier-General Amos Yaron, criticized in March 1983 report for role in Sabra and Shatila massacres, promoted to full general in spite of recommendation that "no command be given to him for three years." Karam Saleh Karam of Bethlehem fined IS50,000 and given suspended sentence of 3 years prison for demonstrating and throwing stones at Israeli border guards last year. 30 Dheisheh camp residents summoned to Bethlehem military governor's office and told to create council of camp residents to coordinate with "civil administration;" proposal rejected by refugees citing "lack of faith" in military gov't. Political prisoner, Nabil shawkeh, sentenced (November 1982) to 7 years prison for membership in "hostile organization," deported to Jordan following drastic deterioration of health and subsequent repeated request by his lawyer for release.

Arab World: US envoy Rumsfeld arrives in Damascus for talks with Syrian officials.

Other Countries: 9 children wounded in Israeli invasion of Lebanon arrive in NY for medical treatment sponsored by "Save Lebanon" project of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee; 40 have already been treated under this project.


Arab World: IDF convoy ambushed near Zahrani River, 3 soldiers wounded.