Monday, February 20, 1984


Arab World: Italian MNF contingent complete withdrawal from Beirut, leaving Sabra and Shatila refugee camp positions to Shi'ite militia; turn over 70-bed military hospital to Shi'ite welfare organization.

Other Countries: UN Human Rights Commission approves 2 resolutions: condemning Israel's West Bank policies of confiscation and demolition of Arab property, mass arrests and torture; calling on Israel to release Ziad Abu Ain; both resolutions passed with 11 (mostly Western) members abstaining; only US opposed. International Federation for Human Rights presents evidence to UN commission of Lebanese security forces and Phalangist militia abductions of more than 1,500 civilians in S. Lebanon in conjunction with IDF. Gen. Manager of Yuval Guitars, Katzrin settlement (Golan), reports sell-out of Israeli 'ouds marketed at World Music Festival in Frankfurt to Saudi, Lebanese, Syrian and Tunisian buyers.