Tuesday, March 6, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: 21 women inmates begin new hunger strike to protest rights violations at Neve Terza prison.

Arab World: Gemayel announces plan to meet opposition representatives at Lausanne. Syrian cabinet resigns at Pres. Assad's request.

Other Countries: From Brussels, Spain's PM Felipe Gonzalez Marquez expresses interest in diplomatic relations with Israel, and hope it might contribute to peaceful solution in Middle East; reveals that, on recent visit to Riyadh, Saudi gov't. applied no pressure not to recognize Israel. US Federal Communications Commission rejects petition by "Americans for a Safe Israel" to deny license renewal of 7 NBC stations in New England for "distorting" news of Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

Military Action:

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Bullet-filled petrol bomb thrown at Israeli patrol near Ramallah; no injuries. Petrol bomb thrown at home of Kalandiya village mukhtar. 1 passenger slightly wounded on Egged bus stoned near Eizariya near Jerusalem.

Arab World: Lebanese man shot dead by IDF invaders, forcing way into Qana, S. Lebanon [HQ of Fijian UNIFIL battalion] amidst villager's protests. Israeli DM Arens inspects Sidon harbor area. IDF convoy carrying MK Sharon ambushed near Sidon; Sharon narrowly escapes injury as remote control device explodes.