Sunday, March 25, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: League for Human and Civil Rights in Israel charges IDF detention center at Fara'a (West Bank) is factory for torture of inmates (mostly minors). 2 prisoners to be freed in Nov. 1983 prisoner exchange still held in Atlit prison, appeal to High Court for release. Haifa U.'s Arab Student Union pres. suspended for semester on charges of disturbing MK Sharon lecture (1/19/84), at which he and student companions were tear gassed while attempting to enter lecture hall. Pres. Herzog rejects pardon request by Uri Adiv. [See JPS (Winter 1984) pp. 176-178.] Naturei Karta's Rabbi Hirsch says on US television PLO is sole & democratically-chosen representative of Palestinian people.

Other Countries: Israeli DM Arens reportedly calls US Sec. of Defense Weinberger "a prime candidate for psychoanalysis."

Military Action:

Occupied Palestine/Israel: IDF uses tear gas against Arab students demonstrating near yeshiva at Joseph's Tomb, Nablus. Egged bus traveling between Kafr Saba and Qalqilya, and IDF patrol near Balata refugee camp stoned. IDF soldier wounded while forcing dispersal of demonstrators at Nur Shams refugee camp. Beitunia students protest Egypt-Israel treaty and moves by local mayor to normalize relations with "civil administration. "

Arab World: In S. Lebanon, Israeli-backed South Lebanon Army invades Jibsheet village, kills 2 women, 1 man; IDF searches village, rounding up about 100 "suspects of hostility to Israel." IDF patrol ambushed south of Zahrani River, 1 assailant killed.