Thursday, April 12, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: In special session, military court considers charge that confession of Abd al-Aziz Qablawi, 16, to stone-throwing at IDF vehicles was untrue and extracted by torture at Fara'a prison.

Military Action:

Occupied Palestine/Israel: 4 Arab men demanding release of Palestinians held in Israeli prisons commandeer Egged bus from Tel Aviv to Gaza with about 10 hostages; Shin Bet storms bus, kill commandos Jamal Qablan & Mohammed Barakeh (1 passenger killed and 7 wounded by stray gunfire), take Ahmed & Subhi Abu Jama'a into custody, bludgeoning them to death later; DM Arens on scene confirms only 2 killed in operation. IDF then destroys Gaza home of the 4, orders their families not to rebuild, places home villages under curfew. Arab World: Suicide car-bomber hits IDF armored personnel carrier, wounding at least 4 troops near Deir Qanoun.