Friday, May 11, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Pal. Women's Work Committee holds 3rd annual conference in Jerusalem under slogan "Toward a Unified Popular Women's Movement." Gush Emunim's Rabbi Levinger justifies Jewish terror by blaming gov't. for weakness. 200 Palestinian Christian Labor Party members protest for better position for their candidate Tawfiq Toubi on election slate.

Other Countries: Before Pan-Hellenic Socialist Movement mtg., Chrmn. Arafat endorses UN-sponsored conference toward settling Palestine-Israel conflict. US House of Representatives defeats amendment sponsored by Rep. Rahall to eliminate US funding of Israeli's Lavi aircraft.

Military Action:

Arab World: In S. Lebanon: Sidon resident drives car through downtown roadblock, killing 1 IDF soldier; IDF kills driver; 1 Israeli soldier killed in grenade attack on IDF patrol near Nabatiya; IDF raid Ma'arakeh village south of Tyre, villagers respond with hail of stones, IDF opens fire, injuring at least 1.