Sunday, May 13, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: After several hours of questioning about Jewish terror against Arabs, police arrest Rabbi Levinger for withholding information. 31-member ad hoc com. drafts platform for new Arab-Jewish Knesset slate. "Organization of Partisans and Resistance Fighters" asks Interior & Justice ministers to ban pamphlet circulated by "Sons of the Torah," accusing Chaim Weizmann, Moshe Sharett, David Ben-Gurion and others in Jewish underground in Nazi Europe of permitting "Jewish blood to be spilled as oil to lubricate the wheels of the Zionist state." 5 men from Sakhnin go on trial for alleged murder of 15-yr.-old Jewish settler (12/84), all plead not guilty, claiming their confessions extracted by force. Ministerial Economic Com. approves Transport Minister's plan for Negev-Eilat railway.

Military Action:

Arab World: Israeli Army surround Nmariyeh village, S. Lebanon, conducts search, confiscates 20 residents' ID cards, orders them to appear at military compound. IDF patrol comes under light arms fire near Ansar, no injuries reported.